Friday, April 13, 2012

All My Children

While waiting for the doctor at her check up this week, Eloise entertained herself by drawing on the exam table paper. She drew a picture and said it was Daddy. We're practicing parent names (in case of emergency), so I used this opportunity.

What's your daddy's name?

Michael Wymer

And mommy's name?


And your big sister?

Marlee June Wymer. And my dog is George.

Do you have a cat?

Yes. Bogey. And that is all.

That's all? Don' you have a guinea pig?

Oh Yeah! Sidders! But that's all, Mommy. That's all my children.

The Salamanders are NOT my children.

The Shells

Marlee wrote and illustrated this story completely on her own. She had no help.

[The Shells
Once upon a time, Detective found the shells.
The End. By

Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Great Outdoors

Our yard has undergone some improvements! Last week we got a fence. This...

Turned into this!

I'm so happy with it. I wanted something that would provide safety and privacy without blocking our sunlight...and I think I got it! You may have noticed a few extra children in the picture above. That's because our dear friends, the Ma Family, were down for a little visit. The Mas are the kind of friends that drive 11 hours to visit for a few days. The kind of friends that are actually happy to help you improve your home, even when it means spending hours digging a patio!
Our big side yard got some attention as well. The dirt from the patio excavation filled holes and flattened slopes. Then we started our orchard. We planted a fruit tree that grows four kinds of stone fruits and six berry bushes! The girls were happy to help.

George keeps an eye on the progress.

It has been so fun to get out and play in the dirt. The work itself is fun, and even better is the feeling of putting down some literal roots! I can't wait to watch our little tree grow as the girls do, and I know we'll make so many memories in our new yard.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A New Reader in the House

Marlee is reading. Sure, she's been "reading" for over a year (sounding out words), but now she's READING (reading books without sounding out words aloud). Still, it's a challenge for her and flat out exhausts her. We usually have her practice her reading just before bedtime, because it's generally quiet and because it wears her out in time for bed.

Tonight, she was practicing a book recommended by her teacher. It was challenging, full of consonant blends and complicated words. By the time she got to the last page, she was over it. She couldn't read it, wouldn't even try. Around the same time, she (TMI) said she had to go to the bathroom. I suggested she take the book with her and try to work out the last page in peace. I explained that she would have to finish the book before doing anything else.

A minute later, I hear, "...frustrated....don't....can't ask..." I asked Michael if she was talking to herself, and he said Eloise was in there. Next thing, Eloise comes out with the book in hand, turned to the last page, and says, "What does this say?" Michael read it to her, and she went running for the bathroom. Then we heard Marlee say, "Good job. Did you find out what it says?"

Blog Slackers Anonymous

Hi, I'm Renee. It has been 5 months since my last blog post.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Seriously. I have GOT to get better about posting here. I fill my facebook feed with sweet pictures of the girls, funny things they've said, and tales of recent accomplishments. From there, my memories disappear into e-blivion. :(

Michael and I had parent-teacher conferences at the girls' school today. Marlee is in her Second Year Primary, and Eloise is in the Toddler Community in Montessori school. Both conferences went well. We really didn't have any concerns about Eloise, and her teacher confirmed that she is doing really well. No separation problems, socializes well, participates and works. If anything, she needs to be attending more, so we will be moving her to three mornings in January. She also said that Eloise "holds her own" and "doesn't let anyone mess with her." Ha! No surprise there.

We did have some minor concerns about Marlee, but they were mostly put to rest. Our main concern was that she seems to have plateaued when it comes to reading. She has been reading for over a year, but she doesn't seem much more advanced now than when she was three. She says she doesn't like practicing the Moveable Alphabet, which is the work for her age that promotes phonics. I was frustrated. Then I learned that in true Montessori fashion, her reading is at a standstill (though by no means behind) because she is interested in and focusing on math works. She has mastered the binomial cube and is practicing the trinomial. She has mastered number rods and will start gold beads next week. Her teacher told us that Marlee is so advanced that she is considering inviting her to join the Third Years in the afternoon work cycle (normally reserved for kindergarteners) beginning in January. However, Marlee will have to do some maturing. Right now, she often has to be reminded to choose works, and is quite chatty during work cycle with her two best friends (the three of them are the self-dubbed "Sparkle Team.") I'm not really concerned or eager to have her stay the full day. She'll most likely just start next year as normal. Still, it's nice to hear how well she's doing...even if she is a bit distracted!

We left the school feeling awfully proud of our girls, and as always, thrilled with Montessori. I'm still waiting for that windfall that will allow us to keep the girls in their school through elementary :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Not Ready.

We have had a couple of late nights in a row. Saturday, we had some friends over and the kiddos were up playing until after 11. Last night, we went to the drive-in, and the girls watched their dvd player while we saw Bridesmaids. Again, Marlee was up until past 11. Needless to say, she slept in this morning. When she woke up, I said, "Good Morning, Junebug! Eloise will be so happy you're awake. She's been asking for you."

She replied, "Mommy, I am NOT ready for Eloise yet."

I get it, kid.